NSM not MSN but NSM - Free Teen Self shots!

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So tell your Mom, and, Dad, or machine, that fagbook.com is for SALE!! This could be the next giant online community for gays!

How much ? $1 million dollars or best offer.

Commonly asked questions. -

Q: What is a best offer? A: a best offer could be $999,890.23 and above.

Q: Why are you selling it? A: I bought it just to make money off of ads and maybe make some kind of gay dating site. But mostly to make fun of facebook.com. Someone had offered me $2,000 for it back in early april of 2008 so I talked to a few people and we all thought why not a million.

Q: Why 1 Million dollars? A: This way I could become a millionaire if I sold it for a million dollars. I already have $5.00 in my bank account I just need a million to become a millionaire.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. click here.

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Welcome to site for people who have no lives.. you can count your friends and your friends friends and all the loners out there that don't have friends or want you to be there friend.



Next week on fagbook:

Learn how to update your profile so that pervert hiding in the bushes knows exactly were to abduct you at.



Rated number one for abduction information!

Facebook is rated number one for abduction information!!


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- Featured member -


Featured member - Name: I aM wAtChInG yOu

About me:

I was going to upload my picture but its posted all over the internet So i took it from another site. I fixed my picture a little. Don't believe all those nasty things about me. IT IS NOT TRUE! I am a good person. I just like young boys and girls alot. Now ask yourself is there anything wrong with young kids? I mean come on...! Wow this site is really great its so awesome how i can get peoples information. Finally choosing a spot to watch you in the bush's is not a problem. Thanks to this site I now know where you are going to be at. I'm planning my trip to Hope college in michigan with michael jackson soon. Wish me luck!!


On the side:

Hey if you ever see me come right over I have plenty of candy balls in my van or if your a older lady i have lots of moth balls. I have balls for all!



- my dog

fun times -


Any boy or girl. Long as your older than 12 months old. Older people that are at least older than 90. I like soft people.


Friends - ~~~~~~~

Abducted Farm Cow

Abducted Farm Cow

bobby knight

Bobby Knight

Ronald Reagan


Unibomber Number 5


Places I like to Hang out -


My favor places are school play ground and senior citizens home. I like hugging older people because most of them forget how much you hug them. I spend most of my time in dark green bushes but I prefer white pine trees It feels better on my body when I am STALKING YOU~~~! Ha justing kidding I really mean watching you and planing my time aduction ha just kidding! Or maybe I am not. Next time you walk by some bushes just yell out HI!~ If i am in there I will yell hi back too or abduct you!


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